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Help with Identification


It’s a trap!
I bought these plants almost 2 years ago. I believe the flower color was pink/purple, but I do not remember for sure.


Can anyone help me identify these plants?
They appear to be Pinguicula planifolia, though they should color up quite a bit if gradually given stronger light. I have observed them in the field where they were so dark red when exposed to much sunlight that they blended in with the dark mud in which they grew.

The photo link is at the Carnivorous Plant Database:
Carnivorous Plant Database

Photo at the CP Database:

Photos of one of my own Pinguicula planifolia:


Very nice pings guys. PinguiculaMan, very very nice coloration on yours. Im getting one (planifolia) soon and i would like some tips. Got any
I was doing some more research and thought that they might be Pinguicula caerulea. The plants are 5 inches in diameter.

Pinguicula planifolia is the only coastal USA species with almost no roll to its leaf margins. It is also the only one with a red tint to its leaves when it gets strong light. It also has no prominent veins in the flowers as P. caerulea almost always has. P. caerulea also I find to be more of a blue cast, while P. planifolia is often lavender.


I keep my P. planifolia in flooded trays with an aquarium air pump and aerator going 24/7 and give them 16 hours of strong fluorescent light.
Hey, those look like mine!!
It wasn't labelled so I call it p. homedepotus


Mine started growing baby plants near the end of the leaves so I clipped them off and trying to root them. I'm pretty new here, so is that normal for them?
p.s. my p.homedepotus flower didn't look anything like that planifolia flower. It was very small and shaped differently.
Then it is more likely your plants are Pinguicula primuliflora, as this is the specie of SouthEastern U.S. Pinguicula that is distributed at "Home Depot" and most commonly forms small plantlets along the midvein at the distal ends of its leaves. The flowers look similar to the image below, though this flower has more than the normal number of petals and usually there is an almost white collar around the center and the center is often more yellow in color than the orange tinted one in this image:

Link is to an image at the CP Database
It looks to have very similar foliage to my P. primulifolias, so I'll go along with that. Keep looking for the plantlets at the end of the leaves, they are a clincher. My plants don't flower until late winter, so you may have to wait a few months for those.

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"forms small plantlets along the midvein at the distal ends of its leaves. "

Yep that's how I meant to say it

That's mine. My flower was a lighter color with a lighter ring, but it did look like that one.
So you don't think P. homedepotus will fly?