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Help wanted

Hi, I recently got a U. sandersonii and it seems to be doing well at the moment, but when I raised the water level over the soil a lot of tiny insects(?) surfaced.

I figured this would be fine as it could feed on them, but I noticed some of the bugs in my ping's water dish. Is it ok for the bugs to remain in the water tray? And if not, what should I do?
A bunch of tiny insects visible on the surface of the water is more than likely going to be springtails. If you don't see damage readily visible with a ton of insects, they're almsot certainly not pests.
Sorry, I really can't get a good picture of them, as my camera won't focus on them, and less of them seem to be visible currently.

And so far I've seen no damage done, but I'm not fully sure what exactly a damaged utric would look like to be honest.


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