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I have a vft red dragon and it has small vft traps growing and they are BLACK what do I do!!!!!! aahhhhhhhhhh

I had this with my common VFT, the leaves were fine but the developing traps were just black (and dead I presume).

I just cut the dead traps off the leaves and let the leaves carry on photosynthesising to help the plant produce more leaves and traps. Another leaf and trap is now growing and it is not black.

I think it was caused by the new developing traps having bits of moist soil stuck on them, and they rotted before even getting a chance to grow

So make sure that your new developing traps don't have small wads of moist soil stuck on them (use a small brush or bit of pointed tissue to brush it off).
I have this problem with my newly purchased Royal Red. I keep it in the same conditions as my S.w.Giant clone and my common (1" rainwater). I have found that the red types of flyrap do not like so wet soil as the common and the s.w.giant do (they are extremly healthy at the moment), and they will tend to rot. I have now moved it into 1cm of rain water and it seems to be not dying as quickly as it was before, but still no new traps.
I just had this problem too. I was afraid to look at the newest leaves, but after a few black traps, they are coming in all right now (so far). I think it was just something it ate. Or maybe it got too much to eat and didn't need any excess traps.