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I got several species of cool temperate Pings I wish to germinate. I had the seeds in the fridge for several months (since last March). The species are poldinii, vallisnerifolia, longifolia ssp caussensis, and balcanica.
Any suggestion for potting medium and growing conditions especially from growers that live in the warmer climates would be of great help.

The only cold-climate temperate Pinguicula I've grown from seed were Pinguicula grandiflora and Pinguicula vulgaris. They both germinated readily when I sowed them on the surface of moist peat moss, they were then stratified in the fridge for a few weeks, then brought out and placed in a sealed plastic bag under strong fluorescent light where they germinated within a week or two.
I recently received some seeds of P. alpina from ICPS seed bank
It says to cold straify for 12 weeks.I have had some success. using a similar method as Joseph, although I keep the pot with the seeds in it, in the refrigerator, in the plastic bag.
I don't have a refrig designated for plants only. I don' t want o
any of those pesky food molds growing on the top of the peat.
i recieved some alpina also. Im just planted them in a 6 inch pot and set outside for winter. As our winter should be perfect for it.