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Help my trap!


lil' flytrap

hi everybody....i'm new here.  i just got a venus flytrap from my local supermarket.  now after reading some of these forums i didn't know people were so serious about them.  i hope it was ok for me to get one from a supermarket.  anyway, about the trap, i took it home and took the top off.  but the traps don't move. there are a few that are open and a few that are closed.  but they just stay that way.  when i touch the ones that are open they don't close.  is there something wrong with it?  are they in shock or something?  do i have to wait until their center turns red?  i don't know, i guess someone out here would know more than i do.  please help me?!  thanks!    


Staff member
Jun 21, 2002
Westchester County, New York
Hi there Lil' Flytrap!  Welcome to the forums!  First off, don't panic.  It's ok to get one from a supermarket, but just realize that they don't take too good care of them.  Most likely, your plant is in shock.  It may not recover for a little while.  
Also, you said you took the top off...where do you live?  If you're humidity is fairly low, you want to take the top off for only a few hours the first day, and gradually increase the time that the top is off.  A sudden, constant drop in humidity will further shock your plant.  
Also, for further cultivation info, check out the PFT plant care sheet:
VFT care

Oh, yeah: forgot to mention...The redness you mention will come with exposure to good light. If you plan on putting it in direct sunlight, do it the same way I mentioned with taking off the top...Only a little at first, then gradually increasing.

Good luck!
Aug 1, 2003
Budd Lake, NJ
My first flytrap (RIP) came from a super market. Likely your plant's first couple of traps have been open and closed a couple times, so they have been worn out and won't work till new ones come along. Just resist the urge to close them, as it isn't good for the plant.

Best advice I can give you is make sure you water it properly with rain or distilled water. I find the second much easier to obtain.

VFTs make a nice little hobby and are enlisted as one of my soldiers in the war against bugs!
I've definately gotten my few dollar's worth out of them.

Also, don't worry about feeding it. Just remember it is a plant first and bug eater second. Just give it time to recover and it will feed itself.


Moderator Schmoderator Fluorescent fluorite, Engl
Aug 25, 2001
Richmond, Virginia/Zone 7
Hi Lil'flytrap!

Welcome to the forums.
You've come to the right place for help with your new plant.

I mainly wanted to say hi. But also I wanted to let you know its not a good idea to poke your finger in the traps. I know were you testing them to see if they worked but you don't want to risk triggering the trap. It takes a lot of plant energy to close a trap and if there is no food, it can weaken your plant. Once it adjusts, it will catch plenty of bugs and you'll know they are working fine.

Like Schloaty said, check out the care sheet and give your plant some time to adjust.

Good luck!