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Help me identify this bug.[warning, big picture]

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Capensis Killer
i woke up today and found one on my arm. i checked my bed and i found a couple more. they jump really fast. and i can't kill them with my finger, they just keep jumping. i trapped and squished one, and blood gushed out. but now i have another one in captivity. what bug is this.
Thats a flea alright, i've seen a lot of them In Colombia...

Well it's kinda hard to tell, but it looks like a flea to me.
it's definitely a flea. how do i get rid of it? i'm pretty clean, i have no pet, i wonder how this happend. so... it's on my bed, in my room. how should i get rid of it?
There's probably more.... they like your blood, you should look around make sure there isn;t an infestation. Get some raid for fleas I guess.
alot of stores carry "flea bombs" in or near their pet departments.
or we could just put a flea collar on you ;P
I've gotten fleas in my house before. If you live next door to a house with pets, often you'll find fleas in your house. They might also be infesting rodents around the yard.

Here's some info on ridding them: http://www.catsofaustralia.com/fleasgetridof.htm

i mean, if they were outside my bedroom, i'd totally go nuts on spraying them with raids, but im not sure if i can use it on my bed and sleep on it after.
You should start a flea circus! Little ferris wheels and high diving boards with a teaspoon of water for the pool and... :D

My friends had to flea bomb their miniature zoo (house). Cats, mice, rats, ferrets, lizards, they had a houseful of critters they had to relocate to do it but it seemed to take care of it.
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Looks like a flea without a doubt.

I've brought them home before once or twice with me after pet sitting the neighbors pets. Wash all your
clothes, and your bed sheets. Make sure you take a long shower and scrub with shampoo real well.
Now for this part I dont see how in the world it would help but it seems that they dont enjoy alcohol. So I do once I put everything in the wash is pour rubbing alcohol ( 70% ispropyl) into a spray bottle and give the whole bed and carpet a good spray.
They're tough little guys and only way to kill them and squishing them between 2 nails. They'll survive being squished between 2 fingers a lot of times and they leave some pretty nasty bites.
You dont have to have pets or be around them to bring them home. They can live in a lot of soils like mulch for example is a very easy way to get them. They love mulch beds for some reason.

Hope you can get rid of them, I hate those things.
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Get an old fashioned night light with an incandescent bulb 5-10 watt range. Put it over a tray of Drosera and Pinguicula on the floor The fleas are attracted to the heat and light of the bulb and get stuck on the traps.
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We haven't had a flea infestation since we moved out of an apartment 16+ years ago and used a flea bomb that time. It worked fine, but I don't think I'd do it again. I've seen these - http://www.saferbrand.com/store/insect-control/M230 - but have never used one. I've heard diatomaceous earth works too (Safers also has that), but am not sure how people use it indoors.
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I've heard diatomaceous earth works too (Safers also has that), but am not sure how people use it indoors.

Do NOT use diatomaceaous Earth, especially if you have children around. It's very effective at killing some bugs like roaches that tend to stay out of sight. It's made from diatom shells that have accumulated in the Earth's crust over time and it works because when insects get it on their legs (like roaches) they swallow some when they clean themselves. It basically kills them from internal bleeding as the shells slice their insides up as it goes down. It does the same to humans were you to get it in your eyes or breathe it in. It's fine in areas where people wont be able to get to (like underneath a fridge) but on a bed will be very very hazardous to say the least...
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Or you get a furry pet and buy a product called Advantage. That should take care of the fleas.
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Raid makes a flea spray for use indoors on carpets. I would use that in the bedroom, maybe not on the bed though. Wash all your bedding and be sure to vacuum the room really well and discard the contents of the vacuum cleaner outside. If you don't have any pets and you can keep them off of yourself then they should go elsewhere looking for a host. Be sure to check for rodents that may be living in or around the house.
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great, i used foggers... twice. it worked for like 4 days, then i notice that i'm starting to get bites again, and i put a little tub of water under the incandesant light, and i do get 1 or 2 every now and then, but ive used foggers like 3 times now, i'm vacumming almost every other days, i'm still waking up with bites. i don't see them on my bed, or my blanket anymore, but i wake up with bumps that doesn't itch until i touch it. this is horrible. i tried spraying my bed,carpet, and surrounding with alcohol like 30 minute before i go to sleep, and i get new bite marks when i wake up. i even moved out the house for a week to see if they die off. what should i do now? i've tried the flea spray by raid. they just keep coming back. i don't know what to do anymore. my mom thought it came from my CPs since i had some nepenthes in my room, but now i moved them temporary outside under the shade, i hope they do fine there.
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i read a story a while back about a house somewhere that had its front door left open for days. neighbors got worried and called police and when the police went in they saw fleas swarming everywhere. like it looked like the carpet itself was alive... weird
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you'll love this
flea's eggs can lay dormant for two yeas just waiting fr the perfect condition's to hatch
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We don't have fleas in our house in WA for some reason, but they are everywhere here in FL at my dads place, along with mosquitos....and I'm the only person getting bitten in insane numbers....ahahah my gf got 2 mosquito bites on the 3rd day here, that's it...on that same day. And yes we counted them, I got 23 bites rofl.
I've got flea bites all over my back and my arms, and a couple on my back....I'm a magnet to these damn things....
Or they were just holding out until I came back, to destroy me @_@
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whats wrong with fleas anyways?

oh yeah, that whole thing way back with the plague n stuff. yeah... didnt that, like, add to history n stuff? or was that even real?

just kidding! :-D

the only thing i like about fleas are the electron microscope pics of them... thats cool