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Help again!

Coming home for the weekend as I looked at my N. Truncata. It seem to stop growing. I definately know it's not root rot because it's not stting in water. I hardly water the plant bwcause the terrarium takes care of it
. Checking upon the soil as it is always damp. What seems to be the problem?
eplant, truncata is a slow grower even when it is still small. you might want to give it a shot of super thrive, boost the light level to it, or keep the lights on longer. from looking at your plant in the other post it looks healthy to me
Couple things with N. truncata..

If it is cool it will slow down in growth quite a bit. Even though it is quite cold tolerant it still likes it nice and warm for decent growth. Also interesting is the way the new leaf developes within the tubular petiole of the previous leaf. It often seems to have stopped growing after the leaf expands but before you can see the newly developing one emerge.