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Hello all you nepenthes lovers...

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Well, I introduced myself in the Venus Fly Trap forum so I will not repeat myself except to say that I am an advanced invertebrate hobbyist (tarantulas,scorpions & centipedes ) and I am now developing an interest in CPs ....

I have a Lowland Nepenthes on the way from California Carnivores along with a Red Dragon VFT and I have already requested some information on that species of plant - now I was wondering if any of you would be so kind as to just give me some very basic husbandry info on the Nepenthes family of CPs? I would appreciate it so much!
once again, I extend a welcome to you all and I encourage you if you are interested in another bizarre addiction/hobby to check out the PetBugs.com and Arachnopets.com discussion forums to see what us nutty spider and scorpion keepers are up to! I can assure you we are probably as out there as you CP keepers...you should see my invert collection! 50 tarantulas,20 scorpions ( hot ones too! ) and 10 venomous centipedes! hehehehhehe
I look forward to making friends with all of you...???

and by the way...what in the #### is a "PING" ?? is that a butterwort plant? I bought one today...a baby!!

The Evil Spider Hunter
Welcome to the forums!
This topic should be moved to the nepenthes forum...

A "Ping" is another word for a pinguicula, or butterwort. Some other people might see a 'Ping' as a virus!
Oh, and the basics of taking care of a Nepenthes:
Lots of sunlight, preferably full.
Temperatures from 55-70ºF. for Highland nepenthes.
Temperature from 75-90ºF. for Lowland Nepenthes.
Water with distilled water, rain water, melted ice to room temp, and bottled water. NEVER USE TAP WATER! It might kill your Nep! Water untill tray is full, and don't water again untill there is no water in the tray. (I let my nepenthes pots dry for about 3 days before watering again)
That's all i can remember at the moment.
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