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Hi. I have a heliamphora minor, and the tops are burning, or dying. (the ones burning are 6-7 months old, but I have a newly opening pitcher that is burning, or dying.) please post pict of your minor so I can compare mine whith yours. please post pics! I don't want to lose my only heliamphora and it is the second cp I bought!)thanks,
This isn't a Minor but I thought it might help you out.

Can you give some culture conditions your plant is getting? light, temperature, humidity/moisture levels. Kind of water etc..

Since you asked..

H. minor Auyan Tepui young seedling just starting to make mature pitchers. The nectar spoon is not developed well on this first mature pitcher.


Bit older H. minor Auyan Tepui. A different clone

a clone collected many years ago (Auyan tepui ?)



this is a H. minor I bought two weeks ago in a local DIY-store:


Dying tops are often caused by low humidity and/or too high temperatures.

Wow, a Heliamphora at a LOCAL store?? Dang....i wish i had a DYI store in SF. Looks like something you can get from a top CP nursery!
oops, I just wrote too many letters and everything got erased.
and I forgot what I typed!
I have grown it on the window sill sice I got it feb. 15- march15 and for a while I put a cup over the plant for extra humidity, untill it grew too big for the cup.
from 9-12 it usually gets full sun. and from 12-3 it gets bright sunlight.but for a for the rest of the year and untill march it will prob be overcast.
It gets kinda cold here on the central coast, in the house, 60-70 deegrees and on hot days 75-80. (I am guessing I get the same weather as ceph88 up in S.F.)

I usually water every day, one time I dryed it out too long and almost killed it
 but after I put in a ton of water, an hour later it wasn't wilting anymore. alot of times I leave a little water in the tray.(I am confused, some people say to alwas leave a half inch to an inch water in the tray, some people say to always keep the soil wet,some people say keep it just barley damp, and some people say to let it dry out beetween waterings!
) whitch do you perfer?

Do you guys/girls keep your helys in a terrarium? I did, for about a month, but this green slime stuff, white powder, and moss grew on the sides of the terra-cotta clay pots and these little white bugs that crawl really fast that are in the soil and on the bottom of the pot. (a little bigger than aphids)
I haven't been able to get rid of any of these, even after I took everything out of the terrarium!
 everything is confusing! thats why I'm

this is only half of what I wrote before it got erased!
should I get a grow light for it? and should I put a heater over the plant?thanks,
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I have always grown mine in very wet (misting every day) cool conditions.I usually don't keep the pots sitting in water but from all pics I have seen of them in the wild that's the way they grow (almost under water at times). I keep them in the garage in a terrarium just 3 or 4" under fluorescent lights. During the winter months the temp is probably towards 40f if not a bit lower and in summer it might make it to the upper 70's.
Would agree with above posts that it is a humidity problem and maybe a bit too much direct sunlight- especially if the plants are new and not used to these conditions.
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Heliamphora should not be sitting in water imo. They should NEVER dry out. In nature they get ALOT of cool rain. So although they are pretty wet it is not like growing in a bog. The best results I have had are with a course well drained potting mix and overhead watering every day or two.

I also suspect the tops are dying back because of low humidity. You should not need a heater.. A grow light might help during the winter. Careful though which kind you use. Fluorescent would be best since they don't generate as much heat to further dry out your plant.
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I am also having this browning problem, I think I have it under conrol now (fngers crossed) but I was wondering what to do about the pitchers with brown tips. I was told that messing with the pitchers is a sure fire way to give the plant an infection so I haven't cut them away as yet. A few of the pitchers have gone brown and totaly shrivled up, should I cut then off? Other pitchers have brown tips, should I cut off the brown bits or just leave them? It is an immature plant by the way.
Humidity was my problem by the way, just stuck a plastic bag over them and kept my eyes peeled for mould, worked like a charm!!
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Where did you hear messing with the pitchers can infect the plant.
I cut the pitcher off halfway once they no longer hold water and are on thier last legs. So I leave mine even if they loose thier water holding ability. Only after they begin to brown halfway down is when I cut mine.
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Excellent, thanks NG, I shall go at them with my scisors forthwith!!
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I would only(&#33
cut of completly brown pitchers.
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Now, let me start by saying "I really don't know."

But, if you read D'Amato and Wistuba, they all say that many species of Heliamphora live in very thin soils--almost comprised entirely of their own brown and decaying pitchers. Could it possibly be that after a while, Helios start casting off pitchers as an evolutionary response to these thin soil conditions?

Just a thought I had--but I may be missing the point entirely
. That often happens to me...

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Rosie is right. Avoid cutting of green parts of Heliamphora! Do always wait until they are brown and shriveled up. Heliamphora are prone to fungal disease living in the soil which easily enter through a wound.


P.S.: During dying back the plant is able to get some of the energy back, it put into the leaf during growing. (i.e. Chlorophyll)

Thanks for the hint Dustin, fixed my error.
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Yes, that's what I meant!! I know there was something like that, that's me all over my knowlage is decidedly half-arsed!

Slightly off the subject, I recently read an extremly interesting thread about adding milk to Sarra pitchers to encorage growth, everyone seemed to have pretty good results, including myself. What thoughts do people have on trying this on Helli's? I'd just go ahead and try it myself but I've only got two and I've only just nursed them back to health from the brown pitcher problem so I'd like a bit of advice before I give it a go!!