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Heliamphora tatei & ionasii


i was wondering if someone has (or knows someone who knows someone, who has ...) seen a Heliamphora tatei in cultivation, which was starting to "climb".

this spezies is in cultivation for several years and I have never found a picture from an adult plant in cultivation, nor have I ever seen a plant, only starting to build a stem.

The same with Heliamphora ionasii.
has anyone ever seen a plant with pitchers > 20cm (8") in cultivation. Or a picture of one


I might know of someone but I don't know how soon they'll get back to me.

I'll let you know

My biggest ionasii are still producing juvenile leaves at 4" long.

Here is a picture of tatei but I don't think they are full size yet they are about 4-5" tall. They are not climbing anywhere but have a nice tight rosette of pitchers.
Hey Martin,

Well, I talked to my Heli contact and he said that even though he has been growing his ionasii for years it is still on the small side. He said that by all accounts this is a very slow grower and in cultivation rarely acheives the huge proportions.

He also has yet to hear of anyone who has a tatei with a climbing stem.

His only suggestion for photos was Wistuba but I'm guessing you checked there.

Sorry I couldn't be more help


excellent picture, Tony !
I got an ionasii from Andraes wistuba with about 15cm (6") pitchers this spring. (excellent deal ;-) ) It is now about 20cm (8") big with red lids and nicely coloured pitchers (still very small for an ionasii)
I don't grow H. tatei because I always thougt, that I don't have the room for a 4m high plant.
Harhar :)
there are several forms of tatei so propably the taei in cultivation does not climb ? I just wonder.

I don't know how large Andraes Wistuba's biggest plants are (the pictures on his websiete aor form natural habitat), maybe I should ask him directly :)

Btw : http://www.joachim-nerz.de/ is an excellent (English) site with pictures from natural habitat, including Nepenthes, Heliamphora and many other...