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Heliamphora.."juvenile" and "mature" pitchers..

I have read alot about Heliamphora having mature and juvenile pitchers..
how do you tell which is which?
is it more than just the size? is there a different shape?

Sarracenia pitchers are all the same..they are just smaller when the plant is younger.
Heliamphora is the only plant I have heard to have distinctly different forms of pitchers..
can anyone explain?
nepenthes have different pitchers with age also...
The main difference between mature and juvinile Heliamphora Pitchers is that the juvinile pitchers are usually more elongated and thinner, and mature ones are larger, fatter, here's a pic:
Juvinile: (found this pic on google)

Mature: (found this pic on google)