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HAlf Flat Green dragon kingdom!!

it 's me again....

I brought a "half flat" from this site and plan to put at least 10 pots of green dragons in it. Should I fill the bottom of the flat with water and take the plates off of he pots?? Also, do I need to cut any whole in the top or air??? These are the first set of questions

thanks in advance for your replies...
I would take the saucers off, do not put the topon, and fill the tray with 1- 1 1/2 inches of water.

If you were to go out of town or not be able to water/care for them, then I would place the dome over the tray ( half flat ).
Great!! The Green Dragons are double for each pot. (that's how I brought them). So the though of over crowding is not a issue with VFT??? Also, how die can I expect each pot to get??

thanks again........