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GW\'s top CP nursuries

Wanna see the top Carnivorous Plant nursuries over at GW? Please go to: http://www.gardenweb.com/vote/lists/carn2001.html

I was shocked and not so surprised at the same time.
Shocked because GW actually allowed this place to be on the list and not surprised because this place truly is GREAT!


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I saw that too before and had a good chuckle from the irony.

I hope it isn't libelous for me to mention this, but when I first got into CP's I was told never to buy from Peter Pauls nursery because there was pretty strong evidence to suggest that they dug up their plants from the wild. If PP's is 10th on the list, dose this mean that it's not true, or do people just not know about the them?
I would say people don't really know about them. You don't hear too much from them these days. Sometimes I forget they're even still around.

I was actually shocked that Cook's CP's was not on that list at all. I don't want to say anyone is better than anyone else, but I think he should've been near the top.
Regarding Peter Paul's I have a lot to say and none of it good, based on personal experience where I was once offered .50 a head for Sarracenia seeds pods. He wanted about a half bushel of so. PP's is nothing but a trap for newbies.
Yes, Cook's shipped me two plants with not many problems.
pretty cool, this place is the best
As far as that 'poll' goes... I think I've figured out what people are looking for which put us at the top.

Not to put down the OTHER places... but we do EVERYTHING we can to answer every email within about 24 hours... every question.. no matter how silly... talk to ANYONE on the phone for ANY length of time required to satisfy them....
So, customer care... and interaction is what people want. But I know it's not possible for everyone to do that... I think we have more people here than most of the others... which enables us to spend a bit more time. But if these other guys are only 1 man operations, it's gotta be tough to pack orders, keep up with a web site AND answer questions, etc. It's tough with a few people doing it, much less ONE.

Secondly... packaging.

I have to honestly say, we've ordered from almost every carnivorous place on the planet. Most of the packaging sucks. I think people really appreciate what goes into our packaging. But again, this is hard to do if you're a one man operation. It takes time, a LOT of time.

Finally... we're VERY geared towards beginners/intermediate. Not that we don't deal with CP junkies... but our information, our presence, etc... has a lot to do with assuming someone is a first time buyer of CPs. So we make the experience as positive as possible to keep them interested... whereas other companies just toss stuff in a box... and don't care what the experience is that the customer ends up having. We'll often contact someone by phone or by email after they order just to see how their stuff is doing.

Finally, I think, personally, people that are selling stuff like flytraps bare root and not potted are doing an injustice to the beginner. We ALL know what it's like to transplant a CP much less a VFT... and the shock it will go through. That ends up being totally discouraging for the beginner, unfortunately.
you know that's very surprising that they let this place be entered since everyone who mentions it gets the boot I cant help but wonder if the people who voted for it are still around or how much longer they will be.
Oh and as far as Cooks is concerned yup iot should be there deffinately anyone who answers thier phone on Christmas morning to take an order is very dedicated and nice
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Hey ALvin,

that is Shelly ( knownclown:))
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LOL Alvin...you WON'T be hearing ME praising Cooks. I'm glad others have had better experiences but...not me.

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In Canada I would recommend DROSERA. I have also recently had experience with another Canadian seller who I would certainly not recommend.

I don't think that the GW poll was especially scientific. I think that the candidates were arbitrarily selected, and the sample size was fairly small.