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Growth point, i think dead ven. ;[

hey all, i received my baby ventrosica that nepenthes lover sent to me. when i got it it had 6--7 green leavs, and it was small, no pitchers, and the growth point was black! the middle of the plant where new leafes come from turned black, i have it in my terrarium now and all the leafs turned black. 1 green leaf remains and half a leaf is greenish brownish, i really hate to see things die.
and i feel kinda guilty cus i said i would help the ven back to life, but now i think i killed it

well the midle is black, any ideas if it will grow agian?

its really small, like 4" across is the plant from leaf to leaf


any ideas if itll start to grow agian?


*starts to cry*
yea, i read that, heheh

maybe i will be lucky

:smile: I'm sorry - I find that funny.:biggrin: Hope your plant recovers Stefano1.

thanks trav!

any other advice on what i should do? maybe cut the black growth point and itll grow a new one?
Maybe because the growth point died, its gonna grow a new one, but the rest is dying because its sending all other energy to producing a new plant...
If the tip is dead, maybe you should cut it off? I think that would prevent any fungus problems. Just an idea...

Hmm, yes, and if possible, remove any EXCESS humidity... I mean, any unescasarry stagnant air with bacteria filled water may be harmful. Maybe leave a crack open on both sides of the tank allowing airflow, but nothing breeze like...
Just out of curiosity, what kind of soil is it in? Maybe if you transplanted it into new soil it will recover. Besides that is seems weird it would just start dieing off. I have mine in a terrarium and transplanted it twice (once the pot was to small - the other was in wrong soil) now it seems to be doing fine. I hope that helps you or at least gives you another idea.

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Yeah I have a spectacular (at least by my standards) Ventricosa and it is still in the soil I bought it in, has eaten on bug in it's time at my home, has never been fertilized and is about 6 inches from two flourescent bulbs. It's conditions aren't exactly favorable but it's growing like a weed! :cool:
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its the sctoss sphagnum peat moss, should i remove it out of the terrarium and pot it in a seperarte pot?

with canadian sphagnum peat moss? the schultz brand, i will re plant it if i need to, i got a ven from pft like 2 weeks ago and its growing wonderfully, so i think i should plant it in a seperate pot outside>?

thanks parasuco, your idea has me getin happy now, that itll put the energy into a new plant,

i will cut off the black growth point in the middle of the plant and if i should re pot it tell me please ASAP

thanks for all the help

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Black at the growing tip is usually not a very good sign. Either the tip has gotten damaged or diseased and is dying back or the plant has an internal disease in the stem. I would cut the tip back until you don't see any more black in the stem. Then treat with a systemic fungicide.
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yes, jaie metioned a fungicide, he said hed send me some fungicide, becaue i orded superthrive on saturday and it is isnt sent out yet because of moving, i am 99.9% positive that it started to die because i planted it inside the terrarium, but my adelae and raff are doing great

i am going to repot it. i have a 3" pot, long fibered spahgnum and schultz perlie and szhults canadian spahgnum peat moss, i willgo agian to cus the black from the top, should i cut off all the black leavs and leave only the 1 green leaf?

and when i repot it HOW should i mix the soil?
please i need to repot asap
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ok how far down exactly should i cut? in the tip? i think its an internal disease? should i try until it reaches the stem?
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ok, i cut off all the dead leavs, now this remains ONE (1) green leaf, 1 leaf on the plant, and i cut as much of the middle as i could,

i think i will repot it cus it is really moist in the soil right now, how should i arrange the pot? with LFS and candain spganum peat moss and perlite?
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OK I have been called upon by Stefano for some help so here goes. Stefano, is the whole stem ALL black first off? If so you need to take a cutting. If not you need to repot it in LFS and Perlite ONLY!!! No Peat!!! And treat with Superthrive ASAP. Now you tell me what the condition is now. Thank You.
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let me go look, the whole stem is......................


ajnd the top is black by the growth point

i ordered superthvied from here on saturday and since threre movin i dont think ill get it any time this week

so LFS and perlite only, let me get the mix done
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OK..... while getting the mix ready, i never knew LFS smelled so much like raisin brain


so after this and i fill up the pot take the ven carefuly outa the terrarium and gget as much as the root ball and plant it in the lfs/perlite, do i keep it loose or pack it down before i plant it in?