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May 10, 2002
This is my first day in this type of growing and I have been reading non stop. I found something interesting. Someone from another forum on the net mention growing under HID lights. Heres a part of the post.

They do though require a dormancy season and artifically for production purposes, one places the rhizomes into the crisper dish, wrapped in damp newspaper or peat in a plastic bag for 3 weeks. Than replant up and it's grow again. If you don't dormancy them, they eventually die.

They're bi-annual and for seed production you have to create the conditions, meaning they'll exhaust the carbohydrate from the 1st season's growth stored in the rhizome (perrenating organ) and direct that to seed in the 2nd season. After that, the rossette in question withers and dies. This also applies to dandelion, onions and garlic too -- other bi-annuals. Of course, under HID "seasons" do not apply.

But by splitting and faked dormancy, you'll achieve a double season and in addition increase increase the vegative opportunity of divison propagation. Yes, lift the rhizome and split it with a sharp knife.

If you want to propagate by seed then let some follow their course via one dormancy cycle and they'll flower to set seed if on 18hr or longer light. Flowering happens in late spring naturally. They are after all a long day plants. Seeds are collected from the dried bracts off the spike.

He didn't get in detail about this setup. How would it work?