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Growing cps under artificial light in singapore

any of you growing cps under artificial light? How long do you on the light for ? how much is your monthly electric bill(rough amt)?

Chee Kin aka CP-KID
hello welcum 2 the forums,

thats what im trying to do now- making an artifical light thing.

also... are you "Hong Yee" or related to him? because i remember his email address was "cheekin"
I have three 20W 2 foot florescents for my terrarium. Good enough for lowland neps and their cuttings.

I have some droseras about 2-3 inches under the florescents.

That amount of light is not good enough for butterworts and highland neps but good enough for drosera seed germination.
I use incandescent blue grow lamps for sarracenia seedlings over winter. Cool white compact flourescent are meant to be better, but I can't find any in the UK
I use 2 X 36 watts compact florescent tubes at 6500K for 16 hours a day. It get real hot in my 2' glass fish tank (up to 35ºC&#33
. Both work on electronic balast, which is not as hot as the conventional types.

I use an ultrasonic fogger (mist creator) to keep humidity up. It also serves to prevent the temperature from going any higher.
hey gugin where did you buy those 36 watts lights from and how much?
i might get 1 for my 50cm greenhouse