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Green vft seeds

Anyone interested by a VFT that doesn't seem to ever have red bits on it? Well, I'll have it's babies (not literaly, you know what I mean) in about 6 weeks.

I'd like sundews, but I really want... oh, I can't remember what they're called. Plants with stalks with hanging pitchers on the end.

Dont' have anything for trade right now, but like I said, I should do soon-ish

Those things with the little red stalks that are fantastic at killing fruit flies.


hi there,

Interesting offer! However, I believe this anthocyanin free clone, being a mutation and a cultivar, is not reproducable by seed. The seed will produce mainly/only typical vft offspring. Sorry to dissapoint! However, if your plant produces offshoots from the rhyzome or flowering stem of the plant, or if you take cuttings, you will be able to produce true anthocyanin free plants, and will be able to trade those.

take care,

a small proportion of the seed is likely to produce green plants, but there will be a mix of 'normal' plants in there too!
Even better. I want some VFT with red in the leaves. Thanks!