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Grand sequoia

I'm sorry, but I've got to brag about my grand sequoia trees.
I got two saplings that I bouht in cali, and the just sprouted about two weeks ago. (can get 'em at www.jonsteen.com.) Can anyone tell me how to grow these 'cause I ain't got a clue
where in cali did you get them?

Oh, and i think you mean giant seqoia

they like cool temperatures, dont let hem get too hot. water them with cool water, and also, do not leave them out for about 5 years in the winter. grow them untill you cant get a larger pot, then in the spring put them outside
hhhm i heard there easy as long as you can live a thousand year and see them grow like monsters . i hear they can survive quite well and can handle extremes at a small level .
Yeah I did mean giant sequoia. I got them in the mountains were they grow naturally. Thanks for the advice.
darn it!! They died when I tried to transplant. Anybody know what soil I should use next time?