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Grafting with Nepenthes?

Hermmmm.... i wonder if there have been any success with grafts with nepenthes, works well with cacti and trees.. and well nepenthese do have a sort of fleshy stem that i wouldnt know why it wouldnt work??? Anyone Try it?

Cya laters
In one (possably both) of Slack's books he talks about grafting Neps so I would take that as an indication that it might be done. I have never heard of anyone else trying it though so...

You might want to try posting this question on the CP listserv as well and see if you get any answers there.

what is the link to Cp list server? as for i have probably been there and stuff, but just am like?? what is this?? kinda thing.. you know... and then forget about it.. and stuff

Cya laters
Cliff Dodd, a longstanding grower and hybridizer of nepenthes, tried this back in the 80s. He had mixed results, as I recall, and left it at that. While he still recommended that work needed to be done in this area, I don't think he pursued it further. Oz
I am just curious as to why you would want to graft them?
I had the same thoughts when I read about Cliff's attempts, Tony. I think he was trying to graft some of the "more difficult" species onto stock of plants that were considered easy growers. Also, there was mention of the ability to minimize the need for space...imagine a nepenthes trunk with different stems producing different pitchers. Doesn't appeal to me, but it is interesting. Oz
Although I haven't done any grafting except for fruit trees, it might be a bit of a fun thing to get 3 different varieties of pitchers on the same plant. It would seem that one would want to head back the parent plant so that two or three growth buds start growing. Once there are three nice stems on the parent plant, one could try clipping two of them and graft a different nep on each stem. It might also be interesting to see if grafting a strong rooted fast growing nep might accelerate growth in the grafted parts if they are a slower growing nep. It might also be interesting to see if a highland requiring cooler temps might grow a bit faster when grafted to a continous growing lowland such as N. rafflesiana, as the grafted part should not require the rest if it is being stimulated by the lowland root system. Let me know how you come out.

Well, as for me Grafting has been a sort of hobby to me, i remember doign it with Various Tree's in the woods when i was younger and just recently i grafted some Cacti, and they are marvelous, both sides of the plants, are Growing at Extremely Fast rates and its just Crazy! bwhahah! I LOVE IT.. and the idea of a Multi Specie Nep make me all fuzzy and warm inside, to acutally accomplish a feet like that, when i get my greenhouse this winter and get some plants moved in, i will be doign all these weird Experiments MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *** GAG GAG COUGh**

**clears throat**

Anyways, Real FUn! Grafting is! and you knwo just thought of Grafting Sarracenia Rhizomes, wouldnt see why that wouldnt work, there quite Fleshy and just seem perfect!

Cya laters
Well there's purists and there's experimentors. I would probably try a frankenstein Nepenthes if someone actually ends up getting it to work and makes a marketable grafted nep. At the least it would be a total curiosity! But my wonder would be that you couldn't prune the plant because the grafted ends would end up dissapearing after a few years, so I guess this would really be a project for a greenhouse owner with plenty of space.
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The listserv isn't a website but an email news letter thing. If you like I'll post the question and copy any answers I recieve here.

As for why anyone would graft a Nep, the only real advantage I could see would be to have male and female flowers on the "same" plant.

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Grafting plants gives me a feel of like accomplishment, and the results can be spectaculuar soemtimes... Cacti look escpecially interesting... and well it would just give me this tingly mad scientist feel inside... but other than that it has no significance to graft nepenthes... other than the host nep, woudl be quite odd looking and would make a person like me feel all accomplished... but i just got up.. as you probably think i am drunk with my kinda slurred typing... but i wouldnt mind seing the results to the list server results and stuff... hopw woudl i sign up ot soemthig like that?

Cya laters
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Send an email to:


with the following message:


(Obviously you need to put your name in there

If you did it right then you should get a confirmation telling you everything about the list.

I have drop an enquiry onto the list and I'll see if it results in anything

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Well here is all I have gotten so far from the listserv

article by Cliff Dodd in the 1990 CPN (3-4) pp 103-105 entitled "Grafting Nepenthes".