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Gotta question

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I would like to know if somebody could please tell me of about 3 or 4 carnivorous plants that dosen't go through dormacy (if there are any that is)
-Thanx, Warped
Hey warped,
There are lots of cps that don't go dormant...since this is the 'dew forum, you want to look for tropical drosera. I going to take wild guess that you're new to this
and sugest you try D. capensis or D. spatulata as one of your first 'dews. These guys don't go dormant, they're really easy to care for (great way to get your feet wet), and they reproduce abundantly giving you something to trade to expand your collection (they were a huge driving force behind my early expansion).
There's tons more 'dew that don't go dormant, but I'll let you find those yourself (think EASTER EGG HUNT!! WOO HOO!&#33
....also look into nepethes when you get some experience under your belt (or not...there are some really easy species there, too).

Good luck!
Oh yippie...easter egg hunt...

  I use to have a spatulata...it fell of the porch( My sisters fault

Do nepenthes go dormant?
Umm...this site dosen't sell some of the types of carnivorous plants I've heard about...what other good places (if any) would sell carnivorous plants.

Neps do not go dormant so they are also a good bet to try. Any tropical Drosera would work well too.

I do believe that PFT sells D. capensis, spatulata and adelae all of which are great beginner plants. They also sell numerous Neps that are good starters. If you don't see it on the website, maybe try calling the 800 number
I couldn't find the capensis.
It's not on the site, but if you e-mail or call, they'll have some for you!!
Quick questie! Do adelae go dormant? This matter has been itching my brain ever since I got my adelaes...
Nope! They are sub-tropical from Queensland Australia!!
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Thanx...been a big help

I gotta question...one of my friends was talking about this thing called a pygmy sundew...i'm sure you all know what it is...so umm...what is it?

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It's a miniature sundew!
There are a few species of these, but they aren't the very easiest to care for, and they need a dormancy... GOOD LUCK!!
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Actually not all pygmies require a dormancy, many do not. They do however require a little special treatment during the winter but that it mostly to keep them from being swamped by their own gemmae
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Gemmae...what's that? (I'm new at this
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For gemmae, think seeds for pygmy sundews.  That's basically what they are.
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Okay that raises a question for me then. (Invasion of the newbies? anywho...)

I bought a sundew that I don't know which species it is, I know it isn't the filiformis, nor the spatulata. I think it is the Adelae because it's leaves are very similar (though a little pointier) So if it is an D. Adelae, does it not go dormant, period? Or can it go dormant, but doesn't need to?

I hope to get pictures uploaded so I can identify my mystery plants...
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Which Pygmys don't go dormant?

Sorry...I have alot of questions.
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Questions are fine
it is the reason these forums are here.

On to the answers

Gemmae are modified leaf scales that grow into new plants, pygmy sundews produce these in abundance during the winter.

D. adelae is from Queensland Australia and is exclusivly tropical. It will never go dormant and should probably never get below 50F

As for pygmies that don't go dormant, I'm not too sure as I have only grown a few. If you are looking for a good starter species I suggest D. pulchella or pygmaea

ANd since you guys seem eager for more info I would suggest that you go to the library or bookstore and check out a copy of 'The Savage Garden' by Peter D'Amato, it is the best general CP book for newbies
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That's new...I don't remember seeing them last time I checked
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Were can I get ahold of some Pymy's?