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Good News Story

Hi every one, A good news story after all the depressing 'my VFT is dieing posts' After taking mine to the office at work and giving the VFT a near death experiance (I'm sure it saw the white light at some stage) I am pleased to report that the VFT is well on the road to recovery and the first tiny trap it has produced as caught a tiny little fly. I know it sounds a little sad but I'm overjoyed

My treatment of the plant was as follows(my help other newbies)

1. Identify what might be causing the problem. In the office it is air conditioned with minimal natural light and also I was giving the plant tap water. I figured that the articficial enviroment was not good for it and as we all should know now that tap water is bad. So I brought it home near a well growing VFT. That way you know the enviroment is suitable.

2. Next step was to flush any minerals and chemicals that may have built up from the tap water. So in the kitchen sink and armed with a bottle od distilled water I used the top watering method to flush the VFT. Basically just poared the water in until it over flowed the edge of the pot and let it soak through and drain out the bottom. Did this a few times and let the VFT drain a bit more in the sink for a few hours to make sure it's not water logged.

3. Place plant in well lit loacation and wait.

Thats about all you can do. Be pateint it does take a long time to recover. So far it's been almost 3 months and it's produced it's first tiny trap since dieing back.

hope this helps and if any wise VFT growers wish to correct my methods then please do