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Glass/bag over a grown plant

should i place a glass/loose bag over my VFT to keep up humidity? it hasn't been extensively warm recently so should i do it to keep up the humidity. I am keeping it in a conservatory which keeps it kind of warm
Thats what I do, it works really well until it get too hot, thats when the plants get sunburn and fry to death
I'll put it on for an hour or two a say then unless someone else has anything to say.
Best bet is to buy a mini - greenhouse. works a treat for VFTs and pitchers. Unfortunate that my pitcher is too big to go in it now tho!

Just be warned - DON'T USE IT on hot sunny days, otherwise Plants Fry!
Hmm, isn't a conservatory a glass enclosed room for growing plants?  It would be sort of redundant to put a greenhouse in a greenhouse unless the plants needed a really high humidity.  VFTs do fine in the 35% and higher range.  If you grow your VFTs in a tray of water that usually provides enough humidity.  If you can find an inexpensive hygrometer (humidity guage) put it in your conservatory to see how humid or dry it gets and go from there.
 I like to leave mine uncovered so that they get good air circulation which keeps my fungus problems to a minimum.
Do not cover the plant if it is to be grown in direct sunlight. Otherwise the strong sun will severely heat up in bag and plant burn the plant. VFT are tolerant of lower humidity levels and will do better with lots of light than high humidity with hardly any light.