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Gift nep--no idea what it is!

Darn! A gift from loved ones!

Got a nep (Labeled Little Pot of Horrors) as a gift and have no ID on it at all. My terrarium is not ready yet--can you stop me from killing it?

The leaves are broadish, so it isn't a gracilis but it could be almost any of the varieties on pft.com. It has small green pitchers, and a reddish cast on the throat of the only fully-grown one. N. Judith Finn? Anyone know what Little Pot normally uses?

I've got it in a 20 gal tank ("low") with 4 20W grow lights about 6 inches above the plant, which is now in a bigger pot of sphagnum, peat, perlite and lava rock. Temp is 80 during the light period, and drops to room temp at night (maybe 60, maybe less). Humidity will also vary at night, though I think I can keep it above 70 percent. Right now its over 90 percent.

What photoperiod should I use? 18 hours? 12?

Do I need temp and humidity control? I could get a fish tank warmer and put it in a glass of distilled in the tank.

Any help appreciated. I hate killing things.

12 hours a day is good. maybe its a judith finn or a gulbers?? sinc eyou said wide leavs maybe its a truncata?

try comparing with those, about 50% or higher is good, but dont keep it at lets say 100 alot so fungi will grow, be sure to wave some air in there every day or so, like fan it in there to get some fresh air, if you need humidity do NepG's way, get a big plastic cup of water, fill it with water, and then get a air pump and get a small air stoen and stick it in there for lets say 5 hours or so a day? or you can leave the cup ther and itll still get humidity, any thing else??

hope this helps
I have seen many "little pot of horror" plants identified as X Judith Finn. So your guess is probably right.
You may never know for sure exactly what it is so don't go nuts worrying.

6 inches below 4 tubes is probably a little close and not necessary. Just watch that the plant doesn't get too much light particularly if it is not used to that level of exposure yet. Conditions as far as temp and humidity sound ok. 14-16 hours is what I would recommend on photoperiod.
So 50% humidity is the lowest threshold? Heck, I can do that with ease--it's at 90 now, and I can provide more circulation just by adjusting the top. Thank you, Stephano.

I've moved the lights another inch away (I have a flexible setup--one of the reasons it isn't done!). Should I go with just two bulbs for the breaking in period? Any suggestions as to a schedule on that?

Thanks again--this community rules! Among other goofy innovations, my tank has a reflective bottom, which makes for a very bright, very warm tank with very little energy.

Hard to say on the lighting because I have no way of knowing how the plant was grown or if it was in a dimly light store for a couple of weeks or what. Chances are that it was not growing in very high light or in a well lit store. All I can say is you just need to keep an eye on it and if you see signs of over exposure to adjust it. Red flushing of the leaves would be ok but if the new growth is pale yellow or something that would indicate too much light.