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Does anyone know where I could get some kind of "giant" vft such as a dionea muscipula in the USA?
There are no places that I know of that sell SW Giant or other types.

Most are all overseas

The only things that I have seen in the US are

1) typical
2) dente
3) red dragon
4) green dragon
5) cup
6)fused tooth
You could also try getting a bigmouth vft although Im not sure off hand where to get them at the moment
Hm...Ill have a look around and help ya find one (hopefully) if you're interested.
There's a sight I don't know if you've all ready looked but they have a huge selection and it's worth a shot. www.flytrap.com or org can't remember. Try them.
Forgot something, sorry. I know that they have big mouth. Hope this is helpful.