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getting daring...

Hello all,
  As I am more versed in other areas of CPs, I thought I'd run this idea by you all.  What I want to do, is create a little mini potted bog.  I have a window box that is about 1.5+ feet by .5+ feet.

I was hoping to add a whole bunch of temperate CPs to it, and turn it into a mini-CP bog.  Here is the list I was considering:

1 Green Dragon
1 Sar. Judith (from PTF)
1 Sar Leuc (from PTF)
1 Sar Leuc (Mature, not from PFT)
1 Sar atlata (young, from Lowe's)
1 Sar. purpea.(young, from Lowe's)

now that I look at it, it does seem that this could get crowded
 On that note though, how do these plants handle the crowding?  Pictures I see of wild CPs look rather crowded.

I was wondering if anyone here has had experience doing this, and have any advice.  The window box is non-draining, but I thought I might add a layer of perlite at the bottom to facilitate air circulation and prevent rot.

I'll be growing these outdoors in Austin, TX.  Temps range from high 70s to mid 90s.  Humidity is good too(40-60%).  I have been growing a Nep. Coccinea outdoors all summer, and it is thriving.

I am just seeking some advice from others who might have attempted this before.


I live just south of you, it's hotter, and not quite as humid.

I have a 36" planter with the following in it:

about 20 flytraps (Various)
1 S. Lucophylla
1 S. Orophylla
1 S. Mardi Gras

3 S. Purperas

and I have room for another 20 flytraps...