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How do i germinate my sarrecenia seeds
1) Place the seeds in live spaghnum moss
2) Place the seeds in the fridge for about 4 weeks (1 month)
3) Take them out and place them in a bright location.

Germination may take within a couple of days to a month or so. Hope this helps.
were can i get live spagnem moss
Live sphagnum isn't crucial. It helps ward off fungus pretty good though. You can get just as good of results if you used dried long-fibered sphagnum. I got nearly 100% germination this year using it (except for those dang s. purpurea montana seeds - I don't think i got 'em cold enough). Anyway, if you go with the dried sphagnum, just make sure to give it a little fungicide before you stratify them. Then, like eplants02 said, put them in a warm, sunny spot and they'll be sprouting before you know it.
Wow, I just used wet paper towle in a ziplock and it worked fine consittering I actaully got 3 year old seeds to sprout. (Northern Purple Pitchures)