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Genlisea pygmaea


My Genlisea pygmaea is currently in flower. I like this plant very much. The flowers are only about 0.5Cm in size.


Nice flowers! My plants haven't flowered yet although they are happy and healthy. Do you have any suggestions as to what they may need to induce flowering?
Very nice photo. I also have a G. pygmaea. I have read that this is species is an annual, is this correct?

I don't have any problems to flower this species. It grows besides my U. sandersonii. I keep the pot wet all year round. The plants are in my greenhouse, where it can get very hot (sometimes about 40°C) . I use the tray-method to water the plants. They usually stand in 1cm of water. Sometimes, there is even no water in the saucer, but i never let the pot dry out. Last year, the flowers set seed, without manual pollination. But a G. violacea flowered at the same time. So i can't exclude a cross-polination. I didn't manage to germinate the seeds. Interestingly, my G. repens has never flowered under the same conditions.

I don't think, it's an annual. If someone knows it better, please let me know.

I agree. My G. pygmaea flowers under the exact same conditions as easy utric species. My U. repens flowers quite often, although I have never had G. filliformis flower.