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Genlisea growers


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I have just recieved an unknown Genlisea species. I am looking for a key so that I might be able to identify it. Does anyone know where I can find one?

There was a message on the mailing list a while back explaining how you could make a do-it-yourself genlisea monograph by putting together a few key journal articles.

I can't seem to turn it up on the mailing list archives, but I'm sure it was Jan who posted it.

Probably the easiest thing to do would be wait for it to flower. In my experience, "unidentified" species invariably turn ou to be the most common, weediest members of their genus.
I am off to a good start in some respects. It was labled repens and unless repens undergoes massive morphologic changes I can strike that off the list. This plant has large leaves. I'll wait to hear back from the soure on the flower as their main plant is putting up a scape.

I'll also try talking to Jan <shudder>