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Gemmae season approaches

With the inset of the gemmae season nearing, I wanted to share some technique regarding the shipping of gemmae in general.

Last season I put the gemmae in a non stick paper, wrapped this in a bit of wet paper towel, and wrapped the whole unit in foil. Since I sent out close to 1000 of these it was a bit stressful and very time consuming!

This season, I have a better strategy. Gemmae are placed into very small zip lock bags along with 3 drops of water. Thats it!

Gemmae should not be shipped in plain paper towel material as they will stick to this medium, and sometimes root into it.

The beauty of using just plastic is that if they do root en route (heh heh), then they are easily removed, seperated and replanted.

I have received them via this method, and they did not suffocate as I thought they would if shipped like this. I noticed this first 2 seasons ago when another grower shared his good fortune in acquiring gemmae with me. He waited too long to send them, and the ones in paper all were dead from dehydration. The few that had escaped the paper and just lay at the bottom of the plastic bag were fine, and made plants.

So: gemmae, small zip locks, and 3 drops of water. I am a believer!
This has always been the way I have sent gemmae and the way I have usually received them. In my experience they have always done well when shipped in this manner. I wholeheartedly endorse your method Tamlin.


Well I get freebie plastic bags from work! About 3 inches tall or more 2 inches wide. Mini zippers! Well now I can ship gemmae without them being broiled whilst in transit!

George taught me this method and it's going to be a real godsend! I was working 7 hr. days sending gemmae last season, and I am still twitchy from it all!