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i have herd about gemene in books and stuff and have gotten a few from the good people here(but i couldn't gt them to grow) and i was owndering when are most drosera gemene ready to plant
also where would be a good place to get some or if you guys had some extra i might be able to get
You mean "gemmae", right? If so, I would recommend just placing them on the surface of a mixture 2/3 silica sand & 1/3 peat. Keep the soil wet via the tray method, AND keep the temps as cool as you can for indoors. Also, lower the photoperiod to 9 hours or so to simulate the winter growing period.

If I get a lot of gemmae this season, I'll let you know so I can send you some.

hope this helps,
thats what i meant
theres a big silica sand mine about 5 minutes from my house so i can just go there and get as much as i want

yes please let me know when you have some extra's they would be greatly apreciated

Gemmae are easy to germinate for me....maybe it's the frequent misting? Anywho, I use a 50/50 mix of peat and silica sand (a little more sand to feel). When it looks pinebarreney (word?) if you've been to pine barrens before, you'll know it's ready for planting/sowing/growing.
Pygmies do not like hot and humid conditions. They need cool conditions at night.
Need cool night conditions? That's why I blew it last time! DOH! Live and learn.

By the way, can you use perlite instead of sand? I find it more readily available, and the sand I have isn't very cource....

or is the relatively fine sand ok?