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Gardening Vlog

  • Thread starter thez_yo
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Next vlog!
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Next one hot off the press!
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Just a short one this time
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Next one!
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Veggie garden time again!
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Sorry it's super windy!
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Little bit short because I couldn't think of anything much to talk about
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A lot going on this week!
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Still sick but,
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Things are getting going for the season!
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I guess I didn't have sound on this last one? oops... I don't know how to fix things like this or if it's fixable. Oh well :ROFLMAO:
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Hopefully this one has audio
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So tired today, but I made a vlog. Stupid squirrels!!!
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Little bit of a shorter one because I don't feel the best.
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Bit of a longer one because I got out into the yard
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Next vlog's up!
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So many peas!