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What type of fungicide should I use for my flytraps when it is dormant?I'm planning on putting the whole plant that is still in its pot in the fridge with fungicide sprayed all over the surface of the soil and the parts of the plant that is above the soil.
I really dont know I belive that you should go to your nursery and ask them just tell them what you need it for and they should give you the right stuff

as far as I know any general fungiside is ok to use
How do you know when to put a VFT into dormacy? Does it do it itself? or do I have to do it? If so how do I?
you'll know when dormancy is for your plants. as far as a fungicide i would use cleary 3336 for
your vft's you can get it from pft.
O.K.I will use their fungicide.