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Is fungicide necessary in Singapore? If so, which are good? Do local stores carry Cleary 3336WP and Banrot?
Sorry ebeyonder, I've never used a fungicide in Singapore. Maybe I should,.. it might help with my sarracenias.
Also, I posted a question in another thread about insecticide in the water trays to prevent mosquito breeding, not that I've ever noticed any but better to be safe than FINED!!
<"Hi Neil here, I was just wondering if anyone uses any insecticide in the water trays that they use to stand sarracenia, VFT's in.
I don't know if a similar thing is on sale here or what its name is but in the US they use something called 'mosquito dunks' as quoted below: "<If mosquitoes are a problem, then you could change the water more frequently or, as I do, place pieces of "Mosquito Dunks" in the tray. The dunks look like little donuts and they release a larvacide bacteria that the mosquito larva eat. It was around 8 bucks at Home Depot for a pack of 6 and they last for 30 days.>"
Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Neil.
I know ACE (the hardware shop) at Novena Square sells these mosquito ducks at their gardening area. Never used them before, but I am very careful and check constantly for mosquito larvae.
I read that cinnamon is a fungicide in a book on organic treatment for plants. Used in the powder form, it smells nice but won't kill you!
Hey Neil, yep I'm a bit concerned with mosquitoes too, esp since I don't change the water in the trays of my VFT and sundew regularly. Maybe I shld be more vigilant, but so far, I don't notice any probs with mosquito larvae.
Guqin- thanks for the info. Since I quite often go to Novena square at lunch time I'll have a look in Ace. Compared with other DIY/hardware shops, I find ACE very good.