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I know this is a little morbid, but today my friend and I were out in the back yard and he bent over and said "Hey look it's a little toad. Let's feed it to your plants." He then caught the toad and brought it over to me. At first I thought he meant feed it to my sarrs, but after looking at the size of the toad, about the size of a black-eyed-pea, I thought hey, I bet my VFT would enjoy this little morsel. So we took it inside to my room (where I keep the beasts) and placed it into one of the traps on my green dragon. The trap immediately closed on the poor toad and it had no chance of escape. This was about 2 hours ago. Since then the trap has sealed shut and begun to consume the toad.

I know I am a sick person, but I was just wondering if anyone else was as sick as I am and had fed anything like this to their VFT.
insects deserve it,if i had caught a baby frog i would have let it go.also all frogs secrete some kind of mucus on there skin to ward off predators,it may or may not have a adverse affect on your vft.personally i would not do that to a poor baby frog cause frogs dont sting us bite us or fly in our faces like insects do.
You know, I am sure you aren't the first and won't be the last person to do that.

I feel for the poor guy but such is life, lets face it vfts grow in bogs and so do toads and frogs I am sure naturally there is a very good chance that this could happen.

I would keep an eye on the trap though since there is a very good chance it will turn black and rot and as CPSINC stated toads do have a natural defense of secreting poisons.

By the way how big is your vft?
Anyone know if you can find tiny gold fish?

It's traps are about an inch and quarter long. I can't believe how much bigger it is now than when I got it. I got the double plant option from here and each plant has about 6-8 traps on it. It's kinda weird though, one of the plants is putting up tall, skinny, erect leaves and the other is growing in a rosette, close to the ground on short, fat leaves.

On the toxin note; I thought about this but the toad was sooooo small I thought maybe it was too young to produce them. Hopefully I'm right and there will be a little toad skeleton in the trap in a few weeks!! Sorry, I'm disturbed.
I'd love to see a picture. When it opens, could you kindly take a picture and post it here. Yes yes, I'm a little sick too.

I wonder if one could feed VFT's bits of fruits or berries, and whether that'll do any good. Vegetarian CP.

I'm sure what I can do about the picture as I don't have a digital camera. However, I'll ask around and try to find someone who does or maybe even a scanner. BTW, I have now fed it a total of 3 toads!!!
I couldn't help myself. It's just too cool!!! Hopefully it doesn't harm my plant.

Do you rememer that AOL commercial, where there was a video of a VFT closing over a tree frog or somthing like that??? It was real footage, so i'm sure it happens in nature... too good a shot to be set up.

I kinda wanna do that. I have since i saw that commercial...
Man, I had to go way back to page 3 to find this post. Anyway, the first trap I fed a toad opened a few days ago and the second is opening today!!! The third should probably open in a day or so. I guess toads make good food after all.

I haven't managed to find anyone of my friends with a digital camera so I guess there will be no pics. It's not really that cool anyway. The toads were so young and small that the only bone I could see in the opened trap was the skull. There is just a sortof black silloutte where he was, not the skeleton I was hoping for. Sorry for the gruesome details.
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Wow well that surprises me!!! I thought for sure that the traps would rot from that! COOL!!!! Im glad of course that they didnt
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i actually feel sorry for the vft that are in possession of stupid people.....
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Not stupid. Just a little...uhh  umm..disturbued
 yep! Ooops gotta go my imaginary friend wants to check her e-mail.
Later all!
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ya disturbed is a good word to use
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Hey. If any of you have Encarta, type in venus fly trap and a video will pop up showing a frog scrambling its way into a vft and then it closes around it. It might be the video from the aol commercial.
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I cut a earth worm up and fed it to mine. MY gupies just gave birth to some tiny fish.....*gets evil thoughts*
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There is tadpoles in water where ever I go......*Also gets evil thoughts...*
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Well, I don't want to add fuel to the fire, but although I disagree with feeding anything to Cps other than insects, I  really don't think that buckmaster did anything cruel to the little toads. The little things prabably suffocated pretty soon after the trap closed, so I don't think it was too horrid a death. And like UKC said, this probably happens in nature...
Lman, feel free to call the SPCA if someone start pulling off the legs of toads though, because that would be cruel, and would definitly be cause for concern. So nobody do that ok!?

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My mom would kill me if i did that. Really, she would. Besides, toads and frogs are quite common everywhere, as long as you know what type of frog or toad it is. But hey, its not like the EPA is gonna take you to court. lol
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another thing, I've said prayers for the poor little guy. I saw a pic of a tree frog sleeping happily in a sarr. no, it wasn't being digested. I hope that you consider the loss, "he was feeding a living thing to a live thing is a sad excuse. I just hope you don't have more mind problemos...