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Its that time again to distribute my extra seeds  
 Just send me a SASE and the seeds are yours.  Reply to this post to claim the seeds.  Do not email or PM me.

In case you don't know what a SASE is, look at this:

*Numbers in parenthesis are how many packets I have available.
D. capensis (5)
D. capensis "alba" (2)
S. alata (2)
D. burmannii (1)
D. capillaris (2)
D. anglica CA X HI (1)
D. aliciae (5)

I am interested in getting D. anglica CA X HI and D. capillaris if possible.

Thank you for your generosity.
If possible, I'd like

S. Alata
D. Burmannii
D. Aliciae

Thanks a ton.
If they're still available:

S. alata
D. capensis "alba"

Thanks a ton.
i'll take :
s. alata ( if there are any left )
d. aliceae
D. capillaris
D. capensis
D. aliciae
If its not to much to ask. Thanx

If no one speaks for the hybrid D. anglica I have friends in Germany requesting this seed.
Larry, is the

D. anglica CA X HI

an F1 hybrid? I have this plant, and i'm trying to figure out how i would describe the seed from it if it selfs.

D. (anglica CA X HI) x (anglica CA X HI)?
D. capensis (4)
D. capensis "alba" (1)
D. aliciae (2)

Tamlin, sorry, I'm all out. My plants didn't produce many seeds for me this time around. Probably because I cut off most of the flowerstalks as soon as I see it
I have a very small amount of that D. x nagamotoi octoploid if you're still interested.

D muscipula, I'm not sure of the exact term. But yes, the seeds were produced by the hybrid. D. (anglica CA X HI) x (anglica CA X HI)
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It appears that I got the D. angelica CA x HI seeds. My last crop all died simultaneouly when I transplanted them. I think a pathogenic attack wiped them out. I am willing to share you half of the seeds that I get, if you are still interested.

D muscipula,

I think it's a F2 generation.
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That isn't necessary, but thanks for the offer. i believe I can find some other seed to share.
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Hey larry, i'd like a D. aliciae. Thanks.
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I would like the capensis alba, if it's still available.

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Hi Larry

If you wouldn't mind I would like the D. aliciae if you don't mind.

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hi Larry
Anything would be cool, I appreciate that.

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(4) D. capensis
Guess nobody wants these huh?
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Ok, all out. The last two people who wanted D. capensis seeds get an extra large portion
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Can you pm me your address please so I can send the sase out or seeing how you have a ton of people post it here.
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Phil, I already did. I'll PM you again.