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Free seeds for newbie

hello. A good friend of mine recomended these fourms to help get my start on CPs.  Im just a newbie trying to get a good variety of CP seeds for my collection. If anyone can help me please send me an email.  Im mostly trying to find plants just that are found in the wild, but i will take what i can get.  

my email address is ledzeppelin842002@yahoo.com
sarr seeds are in season and thats about it but they need 3 months in the fridge b4 they can sprout
Keep checking back in the trading forum. You will find that many people offer plants and seeds over the course of the year. When the seasons are right, you will find an abundance of seed available for trade or SASE.
lol, ok thanks. Around what time of the year do CP produce seeds? But of course i'll be checking back between that time
If you are serious about starting then you need to check on a regular basis. Check daily and it will not take long. We give away seeds and plants on a regular basis. With in a few weeks will be giving away Intermedia "Cuba" plants and seed.
In the spring I plan onn giving away sveral varietes of sundews (they`re sprouting up like mad) Unfortunatley they are too small to ship atm.
Well just stay on the forums till then,or if I forget to post giving them away pm. me in the spring! (I would recomend putting me on your adress book and putting a little note saying "ask pond boy for free sundew plants in the spring".)