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Freak giant trap


I have had my first flytrap (common cultivar) for about two months now. It has been growing traps about 0.5mm to 0.7mm since I bought it. Recently however, the two traps shot out at 1.0mm, and turned a pinkish red. And a new trap just formed about 1.5cm long! Is the plant just very healthy, or is this probably just a freak thing?
Its proably just getting excited. Hehe. That means your doing well on your plants. What insects do you feed them. They are having a growth spurt hehe.
I fed it this bast*rd caterpillar that was eating one of my Sarracenia plants, and something else that my cats were playing with a few weeks ago. I can't remember. Oh well.

patrick, did you get your sizes right there? it has been putting out traps that are half a millimeter?
oh yeah, that should definitely be cm. Whoops.  1.5mm would probably not qualify as a "freak giant trap." :)


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You sound like you are doing a great job!
Are you saying that your VFT prodouced a leaf that is 15Cm!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm...the figures you gave are all screwy :confused:
So on the biggest trap, is it 1.5mm or 1.5cm or 15mm or 15cm?  1.5mm is rather small, and 15cm would definately be a freak and you would have to take pictures of it to show us!  Perhaps using inches would be easier for us all
1.5 cm is about normal isn't? I have seen some pictures while screening the net of 2" (5cm) traps (person with ruler standing next to plant). In all fairness though it depends how mature the plant is etc.

Have you got any pictures trashcan? It's good to see some nice pics (like the ones from Larry) :cool:
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I'll correct...

5-7mm traps, then the biggest is 15mm/1.5cm...

That is correct, or at least seems like it should be, hehehehe...