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For you indica growers


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About a week ago I did a major terrarium re-arrangment during which I guess I ended up tugging on one of my indicas in such a manner that its stem broke about an inch up from the soil. I only noticed this last night however. Anyways, right at the site of the break was an advantitious root. I know that typically indica only has 3-4 very fine, almost hair-like roots but this thing was thick, almost 1mm in diameter.


Well, you can replant the top half, right? Like decapitation...
I grow this plant.. I have to say this is one of the few Drosera that I absolutely love. Its incredibly easy to grow and produced a ton of seed.. As long as it germinates when I get to the states, I'll be happy man.

Sorry, I guess I'm quite a bit offtopic.

I did indeed replant at the break. Now all I have to do is wait and see what happens.

Interesting. D.indica is the one plant I have NOT had luck with. I manage to get germination but kill it every time! To those who are successful with it, I would like to know:
1. which form / location are you growing?
2. how large is the pot?
3. how many plants per pot?
4. soil type
5. wetness
6. temperature
7. lighting (type, intensity, etc)
8. humidity / air circulation ?
I guess I should try a little harder. My guess is that it does not like the NZ sphagnum I've planted it in, or, maybe it does not want to be transplanted, even as a seedling?
I answered Matt in an email but I figured it would be good to post my experience here to so I figured I'd offer you all what I have

>1. which form / location are you growing?

--I believe it is the all green form.

>2. how large is the pot?

--4" plastic

>3. how many plants per pot?

--Not fully sure, I dumped the seeds in there about 8 months ago and I am still getting random germinations. From my last count (about a week ago) I had two plants over 12" four around 3-6" and 3 seedlings

>4. soil type

--I use a peat:sand mix, probably about a 35:65 ratio

>5. wetness

--I water these guys the same as my pygmies; tray system with about 1cm water and I let it stand dry for a day or two before adding more

>6. temperature

--20-25 degrees C

>7. lighting (type, intensity, etc)

--2 of the generic "sunlight" flourescents that you can pick up at WalMart in the orange sleeve in a terrarium with foil on three sides, the bottom and the top plus between 1-6 hours full-half sun (depending on season) I flux my photoperiod from 10 hours in the winter to 16 in the summer.

>8. humidity / air circulation ?

--My humidity gauges can't agree but the min and max values given by both give a range of 45-75% There is little air circulation in the terrarium but I do open it daily to top water a couple of my Utrics so there os some exchange with that.

>I guess I should try a little harder. My guess is that it does not like the NZ sphagnum I've planted it in, or, maybe it does not want to be transplanted, even as a seedling?

--I would try a peat:sand mix and agree on the no transplanting, these plants have only a few very fine roots. Also, the seeds seem to be viable for long periods of time (probably an evolutionary adaption similar to tuberous Drosera seeds) so I would suggest not giving up on them for at least 4-6 months

Hope this help anyone growing or planning to grow indica

I"m guessing its almost been long enough... How are the two plant halves doing???
So far so good. The upper part of the plant paled a little but it is still growing and had greened back up over the last couple days.

1. which form / location are you growing?
I'm not sure unfortunately, I obtained the seed from the ICPS seedbank earlier this year.

2. how large is the pot?
The pot is 7" across, and 8" deep.

3. how many plants per pot?
I put all of the seeds in the packet in this pot. The pot usually has about 6-8 large D.indica at one time. Currently it has only two healthy, large ones due to a typhoon! I have a few older pictures stashed if you are interested.

4. soil type
Plain jane peat moss mixed with some sort of Japanese orchid soil (sorry, not very specific)

5. wetness
Never dry, watered every day or every few days as needed. I keep the soil moist/damp. but never sopping wet.

6. temperature
Not lower than 70F, not higher than 100F.

7. lighting (type, intensity, etc)
I just set it outside in full, direct sun. It takes it all and loves it.

8. humidity / air circulation ?
Okinawa is usually very humid (except in the winter, which this plant has not been through yet). Humidity is nev
er below 55% and generally 75%.

Of all the seeds I had, these are the only ones that germinated outside without special care. All of the others had to be germinated in a terrarium and them moved outside.

Sorry I'm not terribly specific, but that's only because this plant did not require much for me... I think I am just lucky to have the proper climate here. Hope it helps..


PS: I have not noticed any of the growth inhibitors you mentioned in a previous post I couldn't locate. Some of my plants grow very close together, and seem quite happy. I don't have any stakes, the plants all hold each other up.