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I have fresh seeds of Drosera filiformis "All Red", D. intermedia from St Rosa Co., FL. and a D. capillaris Jim Miller calls "Gulf Coast Giant" for trade for hybrid sarracenias or possibly other interesting Droseras or Utrics. I also have tons of these seasons sarracenia seeds (way too many to list) if you are interested in these. I am sorry to say I do not have an up to date grow list.
Here is a short list from memory:
D. capillaris
D. filiformis filiformis
D. filformis "Florida Giant"
D. rotundifolia
D. rotundifolia 'Cuba'
D. aliciae
D. spatulata
D. capensis, narrow, albino, typical,
D. dielsiana
D. binata
D. dichotoma 'Giant'
D. x 'Marston's Dragon'
D. burmannii 'Red Tentacles'

U. livida
U. dichotoma
U. subulata (what a weed!)
U. bisquamata

I would be interested in:

D. capensis 'Red'
D. filiformis tracyi
D. filiformis x 'Calf. Sunset'
D. multifida "Extrema"
U. tricolor
U. graminifolia
U. sandersonii
U. cornuta (I know another weed)
Thanks to everyone who has responded. All my trades are complete and all the seeds are spoken for.
This topic is closed since all material is gone. Thanks for offering this seed to us!
Not open for further replies.