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For Sale For sale or trade — Drosera hartmeyerorum plants

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carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
So it’s getting to be about that time for me to unpot my Sarr Leah Wilkerson and put it in the fridge for the winter. In the same pot, I have a number of D.hartmeyerorum plants. (I grow them there to make it more difficult/dangerous for any mosquitoes which would like to lay their eggs in the water the Sarr sits in.) The plants, I am sure, would not survive overwintering in the fridge…. Hence the offer.
I'm interested, do you have a price? Do have any pics?
$10 each + shipping or 3 for $25 + shipping.

shot from front and backside of pot
I think they should spend the winter with me in Florida.
I do indeed.