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For all those from Texas and Florida...

While in a local pet store I noticed some kewl looking lizards and decided I had to have them. I turned my fish tank into a lizard terrarium (instead of my planned CP terrarium- sorry) and did some research on what they needed. I found out they are called Anoles and are natives of Florida and Texas. Supposedly they are called American Chameloens due to their ability to change from green to brown although the are not true chameloens. Anybody heard of /seen them?
Yes, I have two of them.
I've seen hundreds of them. They run around my house (usually outside) like crazy.


One from my back yard.
Yea, when I went to florida (i'm from canada) by the time we got to southern georgia we started seeing them... Its kinda weird when your used to a squirrel in every tree, but there there were reptiles in every bush! Kinda freaky at first...
Wow - nice picture!!!
there are lots of em around my house, and i see lots of gecko's at night and frongs =/
LOL....frongs??? :biggrin:

Sorry Stefano...had to laugh. Some typos are just plain funny.

The anole is pretty...here we have a lot of skinks...black and white striped with a bright blue tail.

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when I was a little kid, our back yard bordered on an undeveloped field, and the back fence was covered with ivy so deep I could thrust my arm into it an not reach the fence...  when it was like that, you could find these little critters all over the place, sometimes they got stuck in the house with no food or water, and after a few months when you moved a piece of furniture, you would find a sekleton... and since it's texas, and the ground around your house gets wet/dry/wet/dry and the foundation is constantly shifting, (at least on that old house) sometimes they would get caught in door jams and crushed as teh house moved. very sad.

They are actually very very cool lizards.  The male has a gorgeous red puffer on his throat to attract a mate, I used to watch these little critters for ho urs at a time.

Oh, and you haven't seen a true texas lizard until you have seen a full grown horned lizard... it's a rarity now days, infact, I have only seen them a couple times in my life... but wow.  Looks like a 1/2 foot long ankleosaurus.
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That look different than the lizards I've heard called skinks. Maybe I was told the wrong name. I used to see them all the time as a kid. Anybody know what lizard it is (black and white stripes with bright blue tail)?

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Blue-Tailed Skink.
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well sorray

FROGS, hehe, there are LOTS of skinks too, they are cool, when they are crawling they look like salamanders or something,
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I love catching anoles!! We also get the geckos and eastern fence lizards. fun!
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hi guys,

the only place we see anoles here in illinois are in the pet stores. they cost about 5-7 dollars. i'm actually buying some next week for a gift.
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yea, i use to breedd green and cuban anoles as a hobby, but once my 8 year old green anole died, i was heart broken and i quit. I sent all of them to good homes where they thrive today. Ram- im very sad for those lizards lol. Skinks arre very good pets, especially the blue tongues. Anole are the 2nd most poplular petshop lizards i think (iggies are #1, bit beard dragons come close, so do geckos).. The anoles in petshopsa re often mis cared for and die quickly if not given the rite heat., lighting, humidity, etc.
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do you guys know of a website where i can go to get anoles?
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Here's a place that sells them... don't know anything about them though.
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We have some crazy lizards around here. You find them only in the lava flow area's, where it is almost nothing but rock and a little sage brush, they are black with orange stripes down their sides. They are the size of Anoles, and incredibly fast, you can't catch them, not even with a net. I got bit by a rattle snake trying once, that sort of took the fun out of it. Decided I best just watch them. We have small scorpions too, they are great fun for little boys with army ant mounds in the back yard. (ya I was dropped as a baby, why do people keep asking me that?)