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Flytraps not happy



about a month ago i bought one of the terrarium kits from Exotic Gardens. in the past week or so, two of the flytraps have been looking kind of sickly - the stalks and the traps are turning black. when i got the kit, all three types of flytraps were in the same pot, and i wondered if i should separate them but i didn't because i didn't want to damage the roots. could the crowding be causing the problem? the third trap and the pitcher plant that also came with the kit seem to be doing okay. i've never had flytraps before so i'm not sure what to do.  
do you feed alot of bugs a week to your vfts
Carefully snip off the black traps and stems. Then be sure your plants are getting enough air circulation and light. The soil should be damp but not soggy. If you are feeding them you may want to stop and give them a rest for awhile. The crowding should not be a real problem. Hope this will help.
i've fed them only 2 or 3 bugs but the air circulation could be a problem. thanks for the suggestions!