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Flytrap Story



Last night, I left my door open for about 2 hours, letting bunches of bugs in. The first bug I caught was a ladybug, nd I fed it to Gidget (my green dragon). Then, I found a moth and fed it to my little bro's green dragon. My little brother's flytrap is huge for just being shipped.
Later that night, I saw a spider crawling on the ceiling. I kept trying to trap it in a baggie and then I trapped it in a Rubbermaid container. I put it in the freezer to desensitize it, because it was a purplish color and had some big fangs.
I took the container out after two minutes, and it was still moving! Not quite as quick though.
After many attempts, I gave up and finally just killed it and put it in one of Gidget's heads. He closed a little, but not a lot. I looked and he wasn't emitting acid.
I put an earring in there and jiggled it to get the trap to close. It wouldn't. So, I left him overnight.
This morining, he still didn't eat it, so I threw the body away.

I don't know why I wrote this... but a lot of people like stories about VFT.
Keep us updated on how the trap with the ladybug does. I heard rumors that ladybugs kill traps, and I wanted to know if it's true. Interestingly, D'Amato's book has a picture of a VFT eating a ladybug - as though he approves of the practice.
The ladybug trap is alright as of now. It's been about 26 hours now.

Every year during the fall, ladybug start coming into my room, wondering around. But when I left for school one day and returned
some of the traps were closed. Wondering what it could be as I lift the pot and put the trap next to a light. There it had shown a silohette of a ladybug. Anyway a couple of days later, the trap began to turn brown.
I got some ladybugs to eat other bugs and they got ate them selves and the traps that caught the ladybugs all died and they're just starting to come back (did I already tell this story oh well) they did have 3 and 4 ladybugs in each traps o that might have made tham all die
yup even my large vfts turn black when they eat those. I have heard of some making it thru without the trap dieing but its not something I personally like to risk.
I have been looking around my garden today for ladybugs actually because one of my flytraps has a few aphids on it and they all ran down into the base b4 i could get rid of em. It's winter here now in Australia and it is very cold where i live,luckily we moved b4 autumn-it is much colder here than it was where i was living b4 so my plants are getting a much needed rest. Anyway i said that cause most people would just say dunk it in some distilled water, but i can't cause it is dormancy time. Anyway i better go and see if i can find any ladybugs.