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Flytrap from lowes

one of the small traps i got has gotten bigger in the past couple weeks and i noticed the traps are all red inside and the stems and the new shoots coming up are red to.... i do keep it outside but it is protected from full sun all day long. wonder if its still the normal type they sell or a red trap type?
Lowes selling "red flytraps"; I don't think so...

Are the outside of the traps red also?
i think it is a typical ansd is just getting good conditions turning it red
new leaves can come out redish befor they strech open. One of my typical has really bad pygment, but it's baby leaves always start red.
yes its growing great- must just be happy
Occasionally Lowe's sells vft's with blood red traps(not to be confused with the cultivar 'blood red traps&#39
. But most of the time, they are just typicals.
Yep, I have bought one from lowes that had an intense red in the traps, not just a smudge. Got it when they just dropped it off the truck.
It sure looked great!