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i've got my first flytrap 3 days ago, and it seems to like my care ( i have 3 developing traps and a new trap budding from the center), but apparently it's growing a flower too ( little round stork with what looks like a fllower bud) right next to the new trap..

now i heard that letting the flower grow is energy draining for the plant and might not survive, and the flower itself isn't very inpressive.. so iwas wondering if and how to cut it off?
Letting the flower grow can cause a decrease in growth and death (extreme cases) of the VFT.

If you want to cut it off (most people do I think) then just snip it off as close to the bottom as possible (but watch out for the new devloping trap
First off welcome to the forums.

I cut my VFT flowers off whenever I see them pop out. When the VFT produces flower, it uses energy to make the flower. Making the plant use a lot of energy. If want VFT seeds, don't cut the flower off but other than that, cut it off. They are not attractive!!!