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Flowering Fly Trap

i bought a new flytrap that was flowering already...it looks better than any trap i have ever seen with about 8-10 huge traps on it... is this any problem to let it flower? does it need special attention? can i get seeds from them ? how? any advise would be great... thanks...
It doesn't need special attention if you let it flower. However it will weaken the plant and stunt it's growth for the rest of the growing season. In my honest opinion I would chop the flower stalk as the flowers arn't that impressive and it's easier to do leaf cuttings than grow from seed.
As soon as I see my plants put up flowers, I immediately cut it off all the way down to the base.
Get rid of the flower.

It won't help your plant, and it takes up to 5 years to get a mature VFT from seed. You are better off picking up a new plant to save on the insanity factor ( in my opinion).

The flower will take the energy out of the plant. It is best to get rid of them as fast as they come up.
Good luck!