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Flower stalk on plant in outdoor bog

I know the standard answer is to clip the flowers to keep from exhausting the plant, but since I am growing them in close to there natural habit should I leave the flowers and let nature take her course?

People just want there plants to be Bold and Beatiful, so they cut the blooms off, that is the only reason i find that the bloom should be cut off, i always let my plants bloom, and not once have i had a flower death victim, and since it is a natural process i do not see why people are so afraid of letting there cp bloom, only under one condition i would not recommend letting your cp bloom and that is if your are cutting the growing requirements really close, so to say, your typical vft needs about 6 ^ hours of light to be nice and showie, but instead you give it 5 hours, then i would not recommend flowerign

But back to your question, i would higly recommend just to let your vft goo! lt it have some children! i find it quite fun growing them from wee little plants

hope i gave a little insight