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Flea treatment with cp.


Oct 5, 2003
hello every one i was just thinking of using Carnivorous plants for treatment of Fleas in our area. They are all over the place and we are looking for something to control them peraps using they sticky Cps like drosera and Pings. Does any one have any idea about a plant mybe that will attrack them? Mybe other non Carnivorous plants that will attrack them and stick them ? We are looking for a natural treatment. Any help would be apriciated .

Thanks very much

Feb 14, 2002
CP's won't put a dent in the flea population, unless maybe you had a million sundews and butterworts.  Even then, I wonder if they would be even attracted by them.  Any catchings would likely be accidental.  You have to go proactive in order to get rid of them.  I admire your desire to go natural.  Are you trying to get rid of them inside a house, or in your yard?   Pyrethrins are a natural insecticide that will help somewhat, as well as frequent washing of bedding, floors, etc.  In my experience though, you have to get something that disrupts the life cycle to truly eliminate them.  We had a bad infestation several years ago, through our dog.  Frequent bathings with a pyrethrin shampoo, washing the floors, bedding, etc.  didn't really do much.  It wasn't until we got that stuff that makes the eggs not hatch, or something to that effect, that the problem was eliminated.  It is a safe product, not a poison. Can't remember how it works, but it makes the eggs infertile or something like that. They are a tough critter to get rid of.


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Jun 7, 2002
I live in Chaffee County, Colorado, USA
I think sarracenia is right about CPs not being able to put a dent in the flea problem, but if you put one of your dews or pings under a nightlight when you go to bed at night, you can feed your plant without having to chase down the bugs yourself. They'll hop towards the light and land on/in your plants. Goofy idea, but what do you expect at 1:OO in the morning