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First try with the new digital camera microscope

Here the first capture in the new scope! Here is U. gibbas full trap at 40%

Can't wait til I have some days off to play more with it! I figure I could float some gibba traps in water and put a couple newly hatched brine shrimp in and videotape the trap activating (this makes mpegs! as well as bitmap images) , that'll be fun!  
Very cool
another one :


and closer :


wow kool pics of the traps. i would of never thought of them looking like that. know i have a clue of what the U.Radiata & U.Subulata are doing w/ there traps and fighting w/ the mosquito larva
wow you guys those are very cool

where did you get the digital camera microscope

yeah I would like to know, too
thats so cool! could I do that whith my microscope that takes pics? would it be all right if I took it out of the water to take a pic? (of course I would have to get a utric to do it, I don't even have one, terrestrial or aquatic.)
Swords and Martin, are you guys sure your last name ain't Jones?  I have the strong urge to "keep up" with you.

Those are some nice pics you guys.  Much better than the 'make-do' that I take at work.

This is the about best I've been able to do:

                                                                        Daphnia sp. aka Water Flea