First timer



I just received my first VFT. I ordered it from this website and I would assume it is not very old. I read that you don't have to put the young traps through dormacy. I live in Wisconsin and I don't get much for warmth. It would reach in the lower teens in my garage and probably 50's in my  basement. I don't want to take the plant out of the pot and put it in the fridge if I don't have too, but I will if you say so. Also, should i leave the pot with the trap in water constantly? or should I take it out of the water a couple hours a day. Thanks for any help.
Aug 1, 2003
Budd Lake, NJ
I think you could go either way on this one, but...

While I think your plant you got probably can do without dormancy this winter.  I think you will have trouble NOT having it go into dormancy. Right now, I would put it on a sunny windowsill and tray water it.  Yes, you can leave the pot in the water constantly, the plant will soak up the water as it needs.

I would not put it in the garage, as that will likely kill it.  Chances are the windowsill that far north will resemble the winter temperatures further south.

If you have a small window in the basement, I would move it down there in november (don't forget about it). I wouldn't water it as much, but I would still try to make sure it doesn't dry out.

With such a perfect basement for dormancy, I wouldn't even consider taking up fridge space for the plant.